W3 Magnussen

Thanks to their safe fit and its water and sweat resistance, the W3 are ideal to be used outside. Its lightweight and comfortable design will allow you to play your favorite sport while enjoying your music with the unmistakable Magnussen sound.


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Water and Sweat Resistant IPX4

Thanks to their water and sweat resistance you’ll be able to take out your earphones, even in heat or raining conditions, without the fear of damaging them. The Magnussen W3 have a certified IPX4 that guarantees sweat and water resistance.

High Quality Stereo Sound with a semi closed Acoustic Design

High quality Magnussen sound with a semi-closed acoustic design that brings the ability to, not only play music, but also, to hear and feel your surroundings, to avoid any possible accidents.

A carrying case for your earphones

Made with a rigid and lightweight polyester, this case is ideal to safely carry and store your earphones.


You’ll be able to play and pause your music, as well as making and taking calls with great clarity thanks to its controller and integrated microphone.

Precise Fitting, Ultra comfortable and Ultra Lightweight

Product designed to be used while playing sports. Ultra lightweight components and a comfortable and safe fitting system to get an enjoyable sound experience while playing your favorite sport.

What’s in the box:

  • Magnussen W3 earphones
  • Carrying Case
  • 4 Silicone replacements
Tech Specs
Dimensions and weight

  • Weight: 20 gr
  • Cable length: 125 cm

  • Design: In Ear
  • Water and sweat resistant IPX4
  • Integrated controls for your music, volume and calls
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Secure fitting system
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