About Us


Magnussen is a European audio company whose ambition is to democratize access to high definition stereo sound. Our inspiration, curiosity and passion have enabled everyone to enjoy the unmistakable Magnussen sound.

Music transports us to distant places, awakens emotions and loses feelings. It is not fair that only privileged people have access to the pleasure of the universe of high-fidelity audio. Magnussen will be there where people are passionate about listening to music with clear and precise sound.

With our range of helmets, headphones and speakers of the best quality and design, at Magnussen we have universalized high definition stereo sound.

MAGNUSSEN, Reinventing Sound!



Elurura S.L.

Av. Tolosa 5-2º Oficina 3

20018 Donostia-San Sebastian

E-mail: support@magnussenaudio.com

Telephone: +34 628 140 778

NIF:  B75204438